Precinct 7

Precinct 7 has the lowest rate of domestic violence against women in the nation.

A newly promoted female detective investigates a police shooting of an unarmed man accused of beating his girlfriend and discovers a string of shootings tied to a secret paramilitary death squad of female cops. During the course of the investigation, the detective learns that her name has been added to the squad’s hit list.


When a soft-spoken manager of a convenience store in Winston Salem, North Carolina, thwarts a potentially lethal robbery, she runs afoul of members of a drug cartel who seek vengeance.

When video of the failed robbery goes viral, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is alerted to the possibility that she is a missing former counter-intelligence agent wanted for the murder of a fellow agent.

Beijing Rising

When a businessman dies of a heroin overdose in his Shanghai hotel room, his fiancee, a foreign service security officer, discovers that his death is tied to an international conspiracy involving the CIA, MSS, NIS and a Hong Kong Triad with political ties to the inner circle in Beijing.